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About Us

Outdoorpact.com is a resource for outdoor sports and nature lovers based on practical experience and expert tips.

This website aims to provide readers with helpful tips on outdoor sports, hiking, mountaineering, cycling, travel, and generally everything that has to do with nature.

With the provided information, the entrance is to be facilitated, obscurities to be eliminated, and the own security in nature to be increased.

All articles are written and published by the founder of this outdoor website. In addition to his own experiences in various outdoor sports, the articles also quote tips from other experts to increase the quality of the articles.

Readers of Outdoorpact.com confirm that they benefit from the various tips and recommend useful information for beginners or advanced outdoor enthusiasts.

Accompanied by spectacular nature shots in photo and video format, new perspectives are opened on outdoorpact.com on the topic of outdoor travel.

About the author on Outdoorpact.com

The website Outdoorpact.com is currently a project operated and maintained by one person, namely the founder himself.

Since childhood, the author has had a close connection to nature, in addition to simple hikes, fishing trips, and experiments in bushcraft, the interest in demanding outdoor sports such as rafting, bouldering, mountain climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, and many more increased.

Getting started with the different outdoor sports was not easy because a lot of information on the internet was unavailable or partly based on wrong facts.

Out of love for nature and the desire to bring his fellow men closer to nature and facilitate entry, the website Outdoorpact was born in 2021.

Through the openness and years of experience, a wide knowledge is available that is shared through this web presence.

With the help of the enthusiasm for photography and videography, it is also possible for the author to capture moments worth seeing and publish them here. In addition, this way, directions, and tips are explained more easily for beginners.

Content and articles on outdoor sport

If you want to spend more time in nature, you need to be well prepared.

However, this is often impossible for many beginners due to a lack of information and lack of courses close to home.

That’s why outdoorpact.com focuses on giving readers helpful advice on how to get started with different outdoor sports in an easy-to-understand way.

We want beginners to be properly prepared for the next adventure in nature with the help of expert tips to avoid dangers and costs. The outdoor community is shaken with the extensively investigated information, and new thinking is promoted.

But outdoorpact.com is more than just a simple outdoor travel blog.

The articles provided here not only offer helpful information but indirectly make a small contribution to the topic of conservation, which is often left out.

Guidelines of the editorial staff in the field of outdoor and travel

We appreciate well-researched, easy-to-understand literature in which real knowledge is offered, and the author quickly gets to the point.

That’s why all published articles go through editorial guidelines beforehand to ensure the accuracy and added value of the information.

Besides an easy reading flow, we adhere to the following rules:

  • Accurate outdoor information based on facts.
  • Complete integrity and transparency regarding the recommended products.
  • Monetization of the site is only through advertising banners. Any support from the manufacturers is prohibited.

Readers can contact us through trendy social media like Twitter or Pinterest.