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How to Wear Hiking Boots Stylishly?

You can style your hiking boots in multiple ways, from winter to summer.

Let’s discover a few tips to rock the hiking boot look in this article below.

How to wear hiking boots with shorts?

Wearing shorts and hiking boots is certainly easy.

All you need to do is choose a comfortable pair, and you’re good to go with your shorts and hiking boots.

However, you need to consider a few things to properly style shorts with hiking boots.

Here are the things you need to consider to wear hiking boots with shorts stylishly.

Find suitable pair of socks

This may appear completely irrelevant, but you have to find a suitable pair of socks when you wear shorts with hiking boots.

If you’re not comfortable with your socks, your entire outfit will be a disaster.

To find the right pair of socks, make sure they are high quality and don’t have any holes.

Also, consider the weather conditions when you’re choosing socks.

If it’s cold outside, go for a thicker pair, while if it’s hot, go for a thinner pair.

Know the hiking terrain type

Many hikers wear hiking boots with shorts, but often they regret it because of the terrain type they’re going to hike.

So, keep the terrain in mind before styling your hiking outfit with shorts.

It’s no fun walking through thick brush with shorts on.

Length & width of the shorts

For length, it’s always better to go for a little above the knee caps shorts.

For the width, if you do not want your legs to appear thin, you should go for tapering shorts rather than baggy ones.

The material of the shorts

Polyester or nylon is a wonderful choice for both comfort and style statement for hiking.

You can even go for cotton, but it’s not a useful idea.

The Style of Shorts

If you’re planning to wear shorts with hiking boots, I recommend going for subtle color options.

Please keep it simple by choosing no prints.

Nevertheless, in case you like prints, you should try to go for smaller prints, or you can go for dots or checks.

This is how to wear hiking boots with shorts.

Tip: In addition to your style, your hiking boots must fit well to avoid blisters and other problems with your feet.

Simple summer outfit with hiking boots

Are you planning to hike in the summer months?

If yes, then there is nothing better than shorts and a top.

They are a great option for hiking in the summertime.

They will help you keep cool on the route and deliver much better breathability than other clothing.

Moreover, most hiking boots and shoes go perfectly with shorts and tops.

However, to create a more stylish look, you must choose them carefully based on the situation, such as terrain type, weather conditions, and trail difficulty.

How to wear hiking boots with leggings?

You can easily style your hiking outfit with leggings and hiking boots.

It’s comfortable to wear and also a stylish option for your hiking.

But the question is how you should wear leggings with hiking boots to make it the most stylish look.

Wear leggings as a base layer

One excellent way to wear hiking boots with leggings is to wear them as a base layer under your shorts.

This way, you can style your hiking look with shorts even during winter.

Tuck leggings in your hiking boots

Another method to wear leggings with hiking boots is to tuck leggings in hiking boots.

This is among the most common methods to style your hiking look with leggings and hiking boots.

Wear over boots

If you do not like tucking the leggings into hiking boots yet want to look good, you can pair your leggings with hiking boots.

Wear moist-wicking leggings

Moist-wicking fabrics are the best kind of material to use on the trail.

Moist-wicking leggings usually are convenient in every type of weather condition.

How to wear hiking boots with skinny jeans?

Hiking boots are universal, and you can style them with anything.

Although hiking boots are quite easy to style, the entire outfit appears more stylish when you pair them with the proper jeans.

If you like to wear skinny jeans, you can even pair them with your hiking boots.

Skinny jeans are paired only with hiking boots for a style statement.

However, you should remember that you always need to tuck your jeans into the boot when you are wearing skinny jeans with your hiking boots.

This will make your appearance more stylish and even increases your mobility than the time when you do not tuck them in.

Tip: Read what I think about wearing jeans while hiking in my other blog post.

How to look stylish in hiking boots?

A hiking outfit does not have to be frumpy, without color, or bulky.

Today’s modern materials offer you dry-fit, lightweight thermal tops to say goodbye to sweat, stylish hiking boots to complement any costume, and flannel-lined hiking pants for an additional layer of warmth.

I am offering stylish and practical hiking attire to save you from the weather and look stylish.

Following is the guide on how to wear hiking boots stylishly.

  • Choose the right hiking hat: A good hiking hat will protect you from the sun, offer warmth in cold weather, and keep the sweat out of your eyes. Look for a hiking hat with vents to keep you cool in the summertime and is made of wool or another thermal fabric for winter hikes.
  • Wear different base layers for hiking: Base layers should be comfortable, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Avoid cotton as it absorbs sweat and does not dry quickly. Instead, opt for fabrics such as wool or synthetic materials that will keep you dry and warm in any season.
  • Wear comfortable hiking top layers: Choosing the right top layer for your hike will depend on the weather conditions and terrain. Try to choose a lightweight jacket or vest that is waterproof, windproof, and breathable.
  • Choose suitable hiking shorts or pants: Quality hiking shorts or pants will be made of quick-drying and durable materials. They should also have plenty of pockets for storing your essentials. If you hike in cold weather, choose insulated pants or have a fleece lining.
  • Finally, choose cute hiking shoes and boots: A good pair of hiking shoes or boots will be comfortable, supportive, and have good traction. Make sure to break in your shoes before taking them on a long hike.

How to style timberland hiking boots?

The most useful method to style your timberland hiking boots is to dress up for the activities and climate you have prepared.

For daily wear, pair the timberland hiking boots with a pair of skinny jeans & a laid-back shirt.

If you are going out for a hike, wear cargo shorts with your hiking boots.

In addition to this, you can style your timberland hiking boots by wearing them with mid-length skirts & dresses or even go for a bolder look by pairing them with leggings and tights.

This is how you can style your timberland hiking boots most stylishly.

And, if you want a more intense look for your day hiking with timberland hiking boots, you can wear shorts and a top to avoid blisters.

Cute and stylish outfit for fall weather

Temperatures start to drop again in fall weather.

Thus, you need to return to your mid-layers for hiking.

Brisk winds often become more dominant in fall weather, so it’s better to pack a quality wind-resistant raincoat or windbreaker.

Based on the weather prediction, you can go for any variety of the following:

T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, fleece pullovers, windbreakers, pants, or shorts.

You will also have to bring brimmed hats to save your face from the sun, and you need gloves for slightly chillier days during fall weather.

All these outfits are enough to make you look cute and stylish.

Tip: Read my blog post on when it’s time to ditch your hiking boots. Just follow the link.

What to wear with hiking boots for women above 60?

Hiking in your 60s is already quite difficult because of several health conditions.

However, if you still wish to hike, I recommend you wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable.

The first thing that you need to invest in is a good quality pair of hiking boots.

Hiking boots are specially designed to provide comfort and support to your feet while hiking.

After that, you can choose from various comfortable tops and bottoms and easy to move in.

I suggest you go for lightweight and breathable fabrics such as denim, cotton, or thermal wear.

Accessorize your outfit with sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun and rain while hiking.

With these tips, you will be able to look cute and stylish while hiking in your 60s.

Tip: Hiking is healthy and trains different muscle groups. Which muscles are trained while hiking, I explained in another post.

Happy hiking!