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The Right Hiking Equipment For Toddlers And Babies

Having suitable hiking equipment for toddlers and babies will open up new prospects.

Good hiking equipment for toddlers and babies can guarantee you they do not get too cold, hot, or wet while hiking.

When you have the right hiking equipment for toddlers and babies, you can entirely focus on discovering the natural and exploring all the wonders out there!

Why do you need hiking equipment for toddlers and babies?

It is important to bring all the suitable hiking equipment for toddlers and babies while you bring them with you for hiking.

I know how important it is to have the best and most appropriate hiking equipment for toddlers and babies.

This is because I bring my kids hiking and face so many problems during my journey with kids.

You need to bring all the essential hiking equipment for toddlers and babies because they can’t explain their needs.

And as parents, we want to make sure that they are comfortable throughout the hike.

It is crucial to bring hiking equipment for toddlers and babies to have a great time while hiking.

So, it would help if you were well prepared to handle any hurdles that come up your way while hiking with your kids.

Hiking with little ones can be challenging, but it is worth every second when you see their smile and excitement when exploring nature.

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Hiking equipment for toddlers

If you’re like me, you love hiking.

It’s a great way to get some exercise and see some amazing scenery.

But if you have toddlers, it can be a little more difficult to take them on hikes.

You need to bring along lots of extra equipment, and it can be hard to keep up with your little ones.

Luckily, there are some great hiking equipment options for toddlers that can make the experience much easier.

Following are a few pieces of hiking equipment that you need to pack for your toddlers while hiking through terrains.

These are great hiking equipment for toddlers.

#1 Toddler hiking clothes

There are no specific clothes for toddler hiking, and it is among the most necessary items.

However, it is better to carry a few suitable clothes for the terrain you have chosen to hike with your toddler.

There are two things to consider when choosing hiking clothes for your toddlers.

A warm hoodie makes a great layer and provides extra warmth while hiking.

Another one is zip-off pants.

These are outstanding for those times that start chilly but turn warm as a day passes by.

The legs can be unzipped and turned into shorts, allowing your toddler to regulate their temperature.

#2 Toddler hiking boots

This is the next thing on my fundamental kids’ outdoor equipment list.

It would be best to choose the hiking footwear according to the weather and climate of the terrain you have chosen to hike with your toddlers.

I prefer minimalist-style boots for myself as well as my toddlers.

This means I look for boots with flexible soles & a footbed that’s more neutral than a typical sneaker.

The minimalist style of toddler hiking boots is lighter in weight. It gives the feel of being barefoot while allowing some protection to the feet.

These are among the best toddler hiking shoes.

#3 Toddler rain suit

As soon as dressing your toddler is concerned about hiking in the rain, a full-length rain suit is the best option.

When you put on a rain suit, there will not be any gaps for water to enter the material.

So, always buy a full-length rain suit for your toddlers to make sure they stay dry even on a heavy rainy hike.

#4 Toddler hiking backpack

Yes, you read that right, a toddler hiking backpack.

It is better to make this a habit for them to carry their essentials.

However, make sure their backpack is not heavy.

As they are too little to handle heavyweight, you need to keep the backpack light and buy a lightweight backpack.

#5 Spill-proof snack cup

Toddlers are masters of spilling their food all over their bodies.

So, I always prefer to carry a spill-proof cup for my toddler’s snack.

It may seem to be something not so important but believe me, it is.

Toddlers need to be fed in a few hours or so.

Thus, it is better to pack a spill-proof snack cup while hiking with your toddlers.

#6 Toddler carrier or toddler backpack carrier

Perhaps the most significant toddler hiking equipment is a hiking carrier for carrying your toddler.

Certainly, there are hikes where your toddler will hike the entire trail.

There will similarly be hikes where your toddler can’t walk anymore.

That’s where you need a toddler carrier.

Many parents carry their toddlers on their backs without a carrier.

But this will put a lot of strain on your back, and you might not be able to hike for a long time.

So the best way to carry your toddler while hiking is by using a hiking kid carrier.

This will help you distribute your toddler’s weight evenly across your hips.

And it will also allow you to have your hand’s free while hiking.

It is quite challenging to find the best toddler carrier or backpack.

But it is worth it as this is one of the essential hiking equipment for toddlers.

Baby hiking gear

Before setting off for hiking with your little ones, it is significant that you’re equipped with the essentials for your baby.

To make things easier for you, I have compiled a list of some of the best baby hiking gear that will come in handy on your hike.

Whether it is a short nature hike near your residence or a longer day hike in the far, you will need the following.

#1 The right baby carrier

When you have to carry your child during a day hiking trip, spending in the best hiking baby carrier is among the top hiking tips.

Bringing a baby carrier is not an option; it is a necessity!

This should always be incorporated into the hiking kit for babies.

You will come across different types of carriers, but two will be more prevalent:

  • Frame carrier
  • Soft-structured carrier

A framed carrier is more comfortable for long hikes. It has a better weight distribution system & padded shoulder straps.

On the other hand, a soft-structured carrier is easy to wear & take off.

You can even use it for short hikes or carrying your baby around town.

Which one you should buy will depend on your personal preference & the type of hike you are planning.

Tip: One of the best hiking gear for babies is a carrier that has a sunshade. It is essential to protect your baby from harmful UV rays, especially when you are out in summer.

#2 Clothing for your baby

It does not matter what season you are hiking. Baby hiking equipment should incorporate clothing.

You should pack breathable and lightweight clothing for your baby during the summer season.

This will help to keep your baby comfortable and cool.

As soon as you are planning to hike in the winter season, layers are the key to controlling your baby’s body temperature.

Fleece, base layers, and winter buntings are all fantastic options to keep your baby warm and pleased.

You have to remember that babies get cold faster than adults, and when hiking in nature, it can be challenging to keep them warm.

So make sure to pack sufficient clothing for your baby, even if you are hiking in summer.

#3 Pacifier And Toy Tether

Babies generally love to play the “drop game”.

It means they love to throw away things and want you to carry that item for them so that they can throw it again and again.

To avoid this, pack one toy tether and one pacifier clip or even 2.

These are similarly a great method to keep baby toys handy for enjoyment while your baby is in the carrier.

#4 Feeding Supplies

Among the most stressful worries for parents when considering hiking with a baby is the feeding inconvenience they face while on the hike.

Breastfeeding mommies and those who utilize formula are affected equally by this, no matter how your baby needs food.

This means you need to either pack enough formula and bottles or breastmilk your baby to last for your hike.

Tip: For breastfeeding mothers, it is suggested that you should use a nursing cover. This will give you the privacy and confidence to breastfeed your baby anywhere.

If you are formula-feeding, you have to carry enough water & powdered formula for the hike.

#5 Baby-Safe Bug Repellent

The sole disadvantage of spending a little more time hiking has to tolerate bugs.

For this, you should carry a DEET-free formula made using a mixture of essential oils (known to deter pesky bugs).

In the end, for bugs, you can spray some bug repellent around your baby.

However, choose a bug repellent with a mild fragrance, or else the fragrance will irritate your baby.

Irrespective of everything else, you need to include this hiking equipment for toddlers and babies.

Conclusion on hiking with your little ones

I remember the first time I went hiking with my baby.

I was so nervous about everything – from carrying him in the carrier to making sure he was comfortable and warm.

But as soon as we started walking, all those worries disappeared.

It was just so wonderful being out in nature with my little one.

And he loved it too!

He just slept the whole time in the carrier.

I hope this guide has helped prepare you for your first hike with your baby.

Just remember to take things slow and enjoy the experience.

And most importantly, don’t forget to pack all the essential hiking gear for babies!

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Have fun and happy hiking!